720 Bug Patches


The bug patch delivers on its promise to repel the annoyances of mosquitoes, flies, and ticks that will greatly enhance your quality of life outdoors while leaving those itchy bumps behind.

What makes the Bugpatch an all natural and safe insect repellent?

Using the patch raises the level of vitamin B1 in your bloodstream where it is then released through the skin to protect you from insects. Any vitamin B1 excess will simply pass through your body and will not accumulate. The only active ingredient in the patch is vitamin B1 that leaves us with a safe and effective method of protection against insects and mosquitoes so you can enjoy summertime without failures!



How to use the Bugpatch

  • Open the main package, do not worry about jeopardizing the integrity of the other patches inside.
  • Remove the patch from its backing, place the patch in a clean, dry, hairless skin 2 hrs prior to going outdoors for complete protection so vitamin B1 has time to spread throughout the body for full body protection.

We recommend that you apply the patch on the upper arm, shoulder, lower back, and lower abdomen area. Some people even put around their ankles. Generally, these areas are discrete, protected, and where hair is less abundant. If you are using multiple patches and you need to replace a patch make sure you put in a different area of the body. Do not apply another patch in the same location.

Protection for 36 hours :

Less than 80 lbs: Apply one patch and remove after 36 hours.
More than 80 pounds: Apply two patches and remove after 36 hours.

Protection for 36 plus hours :

Less than 80 lbs: Apply one patch every 36 horas, apply replacement to a new area of skin.
More than 80 pounds: Apply two patches every 36 hours, apply replacement to a new area of skin.

If you are in a highly infested mosquito area we advise replacing a patch every 24 hrs for added protection.

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Additional information

Dimensions 12 x 12 x 9 in


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